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Ian Schmoll

Ian is a proud native Hoosier who grew up on the North side of Indianapolis in a home nestled within Ivy Hills which was fittingly one of his grandfathers' subdivision projects. He graduated from Indiana University where he earned a bachelors degree in Public Affairs with a focus on financial management, a certificate from the Kelly School of Business as well as a Music minor.


After graduation, Ian decided to hone the skills he gleaned from his higher education and continued down the path of the family legacy in the real estate management and construction industry. In 2003 Ian came on full-time at the Schmoll Development Company full time to learn the family business under his father Greg.  Ian has also maintained his Real Estate Brokers license in the State of Indiana since 2005. 


In a small family-owned business one must wear many hats and Ian is no exception to this rule.  His contributions to the Schmoll Development Company through the years have included all aspects of the real estate negotiations, property management, grounds maintenance, interior /exterior remodeling, planning & execution as well as landscape composition & installation.  Ian brought forth a spark of modernization to the company by jump-starting a collaborative rebranding initiative which included a new logo, website, marketing material package, signage and exterior renovations to the buildings within the Industrial Park. He also spearheaded the change-over of 60 years worth of accounting and file storage into a digital platform that maximized the office's efficiency exponentially.

Ian enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and also likes traveling, reading, music and being front row in support of his children's sports events.  

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