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Greg Schmoll  

Greg Schmoll was born and raised in Indianapolis.  His youth was mostly spent on the north side of Indianapolis but he also fondly remembers his time at Lake Maxincuckie attending the Culver Military Academy's summer and winter school programs. He graduated from North Central High School and went on to earn an associate's degree in Architectural Technology and bachelor's degree in Construction Technology & Structural Engineering from the Purdue University School of Engineering program. 


Greg's roots in the construction industry were planted at a very young age.  He spent countless hours on job sites alongside his grandfather Joseph, his uncle Jack and his father Bill who were all involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction at the time.  He officially began his tenure in the family business as a young man in 1968.  The father and son team were incredibly hands-on as they worked together on every single aspect of the Schmoll Industrial Park's evolution.  Their work included the creation of an area master plan & building design, the entirety of the underground drainage & site preparation network, all mapping and construction of the streets & parking lots and full construction of each building within the park from the ground up.


Greg still maintains full-time oversight, ownership, and property management of the Schmoll Development Company & Industrial Park to this day. Greg acquired his Indiana Real Estate Broker license while at Purdue University. Along with development and construction of the Schmoll Industrial Park, he has managed numerous build-to-suit projects within the city.  In the residential field, he has been involved in all aspects of the ground-up construction of custom homes, including his current residence, that he built by hand in the late 1970's.


In his free time, Greg enjoys spending time with his fluffy Maine Coon cat Kehoe and his two enormous Great Dane puppies, GiGi and Jack.  He also has a close network of friends that he loves to travel with and is an avid boater.  Greg is also a long-time season ticket holder to the Indianapolis Colts where he has a standing reservation to “tailgate” in high style as a card carrying 'Patron Saint' at Harry & Izzy’s in downtown proper.


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