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Bill Schmoll

William (Bill) Schmoll was born in Indianapolis in 1921.  After graduating high school he went to work as a civilian contractor for Allison Engineering.  In the mid 1940's Bill folded his work experience into serving our country in WWII as an engine representative for the Allison Engineering Overseas Division in Noumea, New Caledonia in the South Pacific.


At the end of the war, America underwent a dramatic economic and social change and from that sprouted the early stages of the "Suburban Boom". Bill took note of this trend and made a very valuable career shift.  He began his real estate endeavor by partnering with other like-minded local builders to form the Custom Builders Association of Indianapolis.  Together they shaped the residential landscape on the North East side of Indianapolis.  Their developments included; Roland Park, Ivy Hills, Steinmeier, Tanglewood, Mayflower Meadows, Royal Pines, Glenview and Villiage of Chapel Hill.  


In the late 1950's Bill switched his focus from residential to commercial real estate and began construction on what is now the Schmoll Industrial Park at 65th Street and Binford Boulevard.  The complex grew quickly to include 20 structures, 15 of which still remain in Schmoll property holdings today.  Bill also developed some build to suit commercial properties in the downtown Indianapolis area.  He wound down his development push in the late 80's and spent the remainder of his career leasing and maintaining the commercial properties that remained within his portfolio.  


Bill was very active throughout his life.  He loved to boat, road cycle, and snow ski.  He traveled frequently and spent his latter years splitting time between work in Indianapolis and play in Vail, Colorado.  Bill passed away in 1997 but he left behind a palpable mark on the city of Indianapolis.  His vision and drive set both the foundation and tone for the next generations of Schmoll's to follow.

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