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About Us

 Bill Schmoll 

In an effort to capitalize on the "Suburban Boom" that was trending shortly following his return from active service in WWII, Bill borrowed $2500 from his parents to begin developing a plot of farmland in the Castleton area of Indianapolis.  One year later he repaid the loan (plus interest), gave his parents two adjoined lots in the new neighborhood and build them their forever home on that land.  Thus began the Schmoll Development Company.  Together, along with his contemporaries, Bill Schmoll shaped much of the residential neighborhoods around the North-East area of the city and was featured many times in the Indianapolis Star newspaper for his work.  Later in his career, he began developing commercial properties for lease just south of Castleton and within pockets of downtown Indianapolis, and managed those for the remainder of his tenure.  Bill Schmoll was a force in the Indy property development market for over 50 years. 

 Greg Schmoll 

Greg's first recollection of his time around the family business goes back to the very first day of activity at the Schmoll Industrial Park job site.  His father Bill had just purchased the property and had mobilized his trusted excavation contractor to the site of an abandoned farmhouse that they now owned to begin demolition of the structure in preparation of the land.  Prior to work beginning, Bill let a then 8-year-old Greg throw a rock through one of the windows to gain access to the structure to clear it before demolition.  A thrilling and often forbidden activity for a young boy to do.  The two then stood side by side and watched the exciting demolition work commence.  At the time Greg did not realize that they were witnessing the origin of his future career and an activity that he would be performing himself one day when he worked alongside his father building the very structures he would manage and maintain in his adult life.  

 Ian Schmoll

Ian recalls his first memory at the Schmoll Industrial Park as being tucked inside a life-sized igloo he and his sister, Heather carved out of an 8' tall mound of snow that their father had plowed into a corner of the property outside of the main office during one particularly arduous Indiana winter.  It probably was not the most structurally sound icy fortress but the recollection was sturdy enough that the experience had a lasting effect.  Flash forward many years and Ian is now on the other side of the plow performing not only winter park ownership tasks, but all other facets of seasonal landscape design, building maintenance, tenant improvement projects and property management duties within the industrial park.  It was Ian's initiative that led to the push to modernize the company in various facets including record keeping, marketing, and building renovations that have elevated the family business exponentially.                              

 Heather (Schmoll) Grilley 

Heather's earliest memories of the Schmoll Industrial Park include tinkering in her grandfather and fathers dusty wood shop in the back of the office.  At age 10 she was given permission to use the belt-sanding machine.  The first project she toiled over was a sword she whittled out of a 1"x2" piece of scrap lumber for the better part of an afternoon to give to her little brother Ian.  A sword with which he promptly struck her immediately upon receipt. Growing up at the Park and on her father's job sites jump-started her love of the industry and laid the foundation for her eventual career in commercial interior design and construction project management for various companies throughout Indianapolis.  These jobs created a vast a skill set that she brought with her to the family business to manage interior and exterior renovation projects within the company. 

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